Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Abilene TX – Best & Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Abilene Texas

Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Abilene

This post will reveal the best and Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Abilene, Texas. Texas is a well-populated state and Abilene as a city contributes to the multi-millions of vehicles registered in the state. It is a small city but surprisingly had one of the biggest car accident occurrences in the state in 2018.

Statistics has it that the number of a car accident is about 3,155. It goes a very long way to explain the expediency of car insurance in the city. Although the government of Texas already made car insurance a compulsory thing, most drivers still play adamant.

One of their many excuses is the cost of car insurance or the inability to reach cheap insurance companies who will give them quality services. In Abilene, some companies fit the specification; they are affordable, reachable, and render quality services to their customers.


Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Abilene

Before we head to the list of cheap and best insurance companies in the city of Abilene, you must understand that cost of insurance differs. Some factors determine the rate you will be asked to pay; the kind of car you have, the age of the driver, the gender, etc, determines the car insurance rate.

This means that you aren’t going to pay the exact rate another driver with a different car pay. The rate that will be given alongside the names of the companies is the average rate.

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How Much Does Car Insurance in Abilene Cost?

Car insurance rate in Abilene is not so expensive as compared to other cities such as Decatur. In Abilene, the average rate for one-year full coverage insurance is about $1,646 and minimum coverage insurance is about $443/year.

As stated earlier, this is just the average and not the general quote for every case. You might be given a quote that is higher than the average or even lower, especially if you’re aged and your vehicle is old.


Abilene Insurance Requirements

If you own a registered vehicle in Abilene, there’s a need for you to get your car insured as soon as possible. Aside from the high accident rate in the city, you must do so to avoid embarrassment from the executive arm of the government.

According to law, every driver must have the minimum amount of car insurance which is also known as 30/60/25.

This minimum car insurance covers:

$30,000 in bodily injury coverage per person,

$60,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident,

$25,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

Note that minimum insurance will not give you all your vehicle and even yourself require to be totally safe. There are lots of other aspects you need to include in your insurance. Aspects like the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

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Best Car Insurance Companies in Abilene Texas

The insurance companies listed here were selected based on the quality of services they offer their clients, the number of years in the business and their integrity that they’ve maintained all these years, available discounts, and claims satisfaction scores based on the J. D. Power assessment.

The list includes:


GEICO is one of the best insurance companies in the city of Abilene. They don’t just offer quality services, they also do that at a very affordable rate. This is why the news about them won’t stop spreading.

The average full coverage rate is $1,241 let year while the minimum coverage rate is $336 per year and this is even below the city’s average rates.


State Farm made the list as well. They offer great services including online operation and they give discounts as well. They are one of the insurance companies that offer 2 safe driver discount programs; Steer clear for drivers under the age of 25 and Drive Safe & Save for drivers for those over 25. Their rate is very affordable and they give discounts including special savings for teens.


Although this insurance company is for the military; both those on active duty and retired officers including their immediate family, they still made the list of best insurance companies in Abilene. USAA offers great customer service, great coverage options, and also give good discounts.


Allstate Insurance Company isn’t just among the best in the city, they are among the best in the country. They offer affordable policies and they give their clients good coverage options as well as great discounts.

Most of their drivers enroll in the Allstate Drivewise safe driver reward program to get rewarded with a 40% discount. They also give discounts for new vehicles, and those signing up for automatic payments.

The list of best car insurance companies in Abilene doesn’t stop here but these are the best of the best in the city. They aren’t just companies that started a few years ago, they are insurance companies that have maintained their great standard over the years and are great at what they do.

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Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Abilene TX

Compared to the average cost of car insurance in Texas, the cost of car insurance in Abilene is very much affordable. The average rate for full coverage in Texas is about $1,823/year while $524/year settles a minimum coverage.

But then, there is a possibility of you paying the same amount in Abilene or lower. As stated earlier, there are factors that determine the rate you will be asked to pay. Hence, your rate as a driver might differ from another customer with the same vehicle.

If you are looking t find affordable car insurance companies that give great services, then the list below is just for you to explore. The list of excellent car insurance companies includes:


They aren’t just among the best, they are also affordable. Their average rate for minimum coverage is $324 per year and for full coverage, their average is $1,127 per year.

2. Geico

Aside from quality service, they offer good insurance rates. For minimum coverage, the average is $336 per year and for full coverage, the average rate is $1,241 per year.

3. Nationwide

Nationwide didn’t make it to my list of best insurance companies in Abilene but they are also good and trustworthy. They also offer great customer service and discounts. Their rate is also affordable, for minimum coverage, their average is $443 per year while for full coverage, their average is $1,242 per year.

4. All state

They offer great service plus an affordable rate. For the minimum coverage option, their average rate is $447 per year and $1,567 per year for full coverage.

5. State Farm

State Farm is slightly costlier compared to the above-listed companies but is still affordable. For minimum coverage, their average rate is $454 per year and $1,236 per year for the full coverage option.

When you are comparing insurance companies, you must also look at some factors that influence the rate and also factors apart from the rates. For instance, USAA is the cheapest in the city of Abilene but it isn’t accessible to everyone.

They are only open to the military and their immediate family members and GEICO which is the second on the list is easily accessible.

Also, you should also look at the coverage options. GEICO and State Farm give fewer than others on the list. If you are interested in customizing your policy, you shouldn’t look at them but focus on Allstate and Nationwide.

The bottom line is while choosing any insurance company, ensure you list out what you want and then, compare it with each of these insurance companies to avoid going to one when you should go to the other.