Wells Fargo App Not Working? – What to do

Wells Fargo App Not Working

This article will explain Wells Fargo app not working and possible ways to fix the banking app issues. Wells Fargo is one of those banks that recognizes that customers are king and want to do all they can to ensure that their customers experience stress-free banking.

Wells Fargo bank has an App that helps customers to carry out certain transactions without coming to the banking hall.

Just like every other App, there might be times when you will experience some setbacks while using the App. These setbacks can be a result of lots of factors such as network coverage, technical issues, etc.

But not to worry, there are ways to get your Wells Fargo App working again. All you need to do is to follow the instructions keenly.

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Wells Fargo App Not Working? – Here’s What to do

If your Wells Fargo App stops working, here are the few steps you should take to remedy the situation:

1. Give it time

There might be a technical adjustment going on.  Apps get updated from time to time to help customers have a good ride while using them and it’s the same with the Wells Fargo App.

If you notice that the App isn’t working, give it time as there might be some updating going on. Technical issues don’t take time to be resolved. Exercise patience and try the App again.

2. Check your internet connection

Most times, the issue isn’t from the Wells Fargo team but from your network coverage, hence you must make sure that your internet connection is sound to be able to use the App.

Again, ensure that your mobile data speed is on the high side as you may have issues because of that. If it’s not, you are advised to connect to the router/WiFi.

3. Clear Wells Fargo App Cache

Doing this helps to save the moment sometimes. When the Wells Fargo App stops working, you can clear the App cache to get it working again.

To get this done, you can Go to your phone SETTINGS if you are an Android user, Locate the App and Click On It. When that is done, you will see an option indicating, Clear Cache, Tap On It, and the cache will be wiped off.

This procedure isn’t the same for iPhone users, it’s a bit different. If you are an iPhone user, go to your phone’s SETTINGS, CLICK ON GENERAL, LOCATE THE APP AND CLICK ON IT.

After doing that, TAP ON iPHONE STORAGE, it will lead you to another menu. In that menu, CLICK ON OFFLOAD APP BUTTON. After this process, REINSTALL THE WELLS FARGO APP.

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Find Wells Fargo App and click on that >> Tap on iPhone Storage >> Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall Wells Fargo app.

4. Delete the Wells Fargo App and reinstall

This is one of the ways to get the App working again. If you are experiencing issues while using the Wells Fargo App, you can delete the App and reinstall it again. That always works.

5. Update the App to the most recent version

Apps get updated from time to time and that includes the Wells Fargo App. If you are having issues with the App, you must check to know if there’s a recent version that you must update to.

To make the step easier for you, you can automate the update. This means that once a recent version is released, it gets updated automatically. That will save you the stress of doing it over and over again.

6. Get the old version of the App back

While it is expedient that you update from time to time, you must know that new Apps sometimes come with some bugs which will make them difficult to use.

If you updated the App recently and you find out that it isn’t working, it’s safe to uninstall and reinstall the old version.

The bad side of this trick is that it works for only android users. You can get the old version here: https://apkpls.com/app/com.wf.wellsfargomobile

7. Sync Date & Time Settings

This might seem not worth it but it works most of the time. If your Wells Fargo App isn’t working, it might be because your device date and time aren’t in line with the real date and time. Ensure that they are synced correctly.

8. Is the App and your mobile phone compatible?

You should check that as well. The App might not work because of your phone type. You should check to know. If that is the problem, install the App on another phone and continue with your transaction.

9. Switch off your phone and restart again

The problem might not be from the Wells Fargo App but your phone. If you’ve tried every other option and the problem persists, switch off your phone and restart it.

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Why Can’t I Access My Wells Fargo Account Online?

This is due to lots of reasons but in this article, I will be highlighting 4 reasons why you can’t access your Wells Fargo account online. They are:

1. You never enrolled

You see, most customers do not know that the process of opening a bank account isn’t the same as enrolling for online banking.

After opening your account, you must go through the process of enrolling for online banking. If you don’t, you will never have access to online banking.

2. Your details were wrong

This is one of the major problems customers create for themselves. If you enrolled for online banking with the wrong information, there’s no way you will access your account online.

Hence, if you are finding it difficult to access your account even after enrolling, kindly check the information you submitted.

3. You are signing into a different account

This is prevalent with customers that have several accounts at Wells Fargo. They sometimes misplace credentials; they make the mistake of trying to sign into an account with another account’s credentials. Ensure you are not making this mistake.

4. You are using the wrong information

Some customers forget their credentials after enrolling for online banking and they try to sign in using the wrong information which will never work.

The username and password you created while enrolling should be carefully stored safely to avoid this scenario.


Why Is My Wells Fargo Online Banking Not Working?

1. Unsupported browser

Is your browser supported? That is the question. You might be trying so hard to transact using an unsupported browser.

If you are using a mobile phone, ensure that your phone’s default browser isn’t the problem. If it is, you can make use of a better one.

2. Poor Internet connection

If your Wells Fargo online banking isn’t working, check your internet connection. This might be the reason. If your network isn’t speedy, it might affect your transaction.


Possible Reasons Wells Fargo App Is Not Working

The Wells Fargo App might not be working due to numerous reasons such as poor network coverage and technical issues from the side of the Wells Fargo technical team.


How to Fix Wells Fargo App Not Working

If your Wells Fargo App isn’t working, the list of suggestions above such as uninstalling and reinstalling, switching off of phone or PC, and clearing off the cache will help to fix the problem and help you transact successfully.

Wells Fargo App is prone to have issues from time to time, the list of the possible solution above listed will help you to get the App working again. If you try all the options and nothing changes, you are free to visit or call the customer care representatives.