Cheap Car Insurance In Brownsville TX – Auto Insurance Companies in Brownsville Texas

Cheap Car Insurance In Brownsville TX

We are going to look into cheap car insurance in Brownsville TX. Brownsville is a city found in Cameron county in Texas of United States. This city called Brownsville TX was founded by Charles Stillman an American entrepreneur after the construction of his river – boat company was successful in the year 1848.

The city of Brownsville Tx was named after a man who died while fighting and administering his duty to his people as an army in the United States, during the Mexican – American war of 1846 – 1848.

Brownsville Tx was known as the highest-poverty city in the United States. In the early 1900s. When the steel production business thrived, the city of Brownsville Tx had a population increment.

The city of Brownsville Tx is popular for having a subtropical climate, deep-water seaport, and also for its Hispanic culture. This city is home to the University of Texas Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

People move into Brownsville Tx because of lots of reasons and they include:

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Brownsville Tx is very much inexpensive compared to some cities in Texas. Occupants of this city do not spend much on getting their necessities like groceries. They enjoy things at a cheaper rate than people living in cities like Austin.

Free movement without traffic jams

Though most people use cars for any movement they need to make in Brownsville Tx but the people abiding in this city do not have their daily activities delayed as a result of traffic jams.


People of Brownsville enjoy the Gulf Coast beaches that the city harbors. These beaches are good hangout sights that people can visit and have fun at any time of the year except for March and April when the South Padre Island shorelines get filled up.

Some cons of living in Brownsville Tx

Some of the problems people dwelling in Brownsville Tx encounter are:

Natural disaster

Brownsville Tx is faced with natural disasters like excessive Storms and floods. This is a problem as the flood ends up destroying people’s property. Again as flood enters people’s houses it leads to people not being comfortable in their own houses.

Poverty rate

The rate of poverty in Brownsville is on the high side. That is why it is known as the highest poverty city in United State. The poor nature of this city affects its people in one way or the other.

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Cheap car insurance companies in Brownsville

Car insurance company is in every city in Tx and Brownsville is not an exception. From the research made, it was concluded that the three cheapest car insurance in Brownsville Tx are Geico, State farm, and USAA.

This conclusion was made by looking at the average annual car insurance premiums, available coverage, and discounts that these insurers offer to their clients. After the first mentioned three insurers, Nationwide and Allstate are next online.


This company provides the cheapest car insurance for drivers in Brownsville Tx. It is the best insurer for drivers with speed tickets. Being the cheapest car insurance company does not stop them from offering a quality service to their clients.

Geico offers vigorous coverage options and varieties of discounts for the drivers under their car insurance company. This company gets 4.6 on the Bankrate score, 832/1,000 on the J.D power score, $452 for average annual full coverage, and $ 1,446 on average annual minimum coverage.

State Farm

State farm comes second on the list of cheap car insurance in Brownsville Tx, this company is the best for families that have children driving as a teenager, as state farm arranges programs where teenage drivers are taught safe driving techniques.

State farm has a Bankrate score of 4.5, a J.D power score of 838/1,000, and average annual full and minimum coverage of $589 and $1,449 respectively.


This company is ever ready to offer their best service to people under them in Brownsville Tx at a cheaper rate. Though it is a great deal for drivers who are previously or currently in the military and their families.

It is a bit higher than Geico and State farm insurers. This company has amazing policy options and profitable discounts for its clients. Its Bankrate score is 4.8.


Nationwide insurer might be a little expensive but it is still advisable for people seeking outstanding discounts. This is because this company is recognized for its unusual and creative cost savings which is one of the reasons it appears as a cheap insurer in Brownsville Tx.

As a driver, you are entitled to their deductible coverage if you have no record of an accident in a year. Its full and minimum coverages are $650 and $1,844 respectively with 4.3 scores for Bankrate.


How to get cheap car insurers in Brownsville Tx

Compare about three to four insurers to know the one that is both affordable and cheap for you.
Inquire from the insurance agent about the coverage of the company and how much you need to pay for the insurance.

From your investigations so far choose an insurer that offers the kind of discount that is favorable to you.

Just in case you are curious about the list of auto insurance agencies in Brownsville Texas, the list is quite long but there are three agencies that you can’t ignore if Brownsville is concerned.

Auto Insurance Agencies in Brownsville Texas

The three great auto insurance agencies in Brownsville Tx include:

Bert Whisenant Insurance – Brownsville

This insurance company located in Brownsville Tx is known for its professionalism in making risk management solutions available for their clients, including losses as a result of flood, fire, and theft.

This insurance agent offers precise and best information to their clients about the best insurance er to use.

Eagle Insurance Agency

This insurance agent has been in existence for 20 years. 20 years of providing the best knowledge about car insurance to the people of Brownsville Tx and its surroundings, and as such is known for its good reputation and professional work.

They cover property, liability, and health care as well in their coverage.

Benavides Insurance

This insurance agent has been serving the people of Brownsville Tx together with the people of Rio Grande Valley since the late 1970s.

They are well equipped with information and experience in auto insurance procedures. The policy coverage they provide includes injury protection, damage caused by natural disasters, liability, and so on.

In conclusion, people living in a place like Brownsville Tx, where storm and flood occurs should know that they need to insure their car in case of any damage.

Though no one prays for such an incident to occur but you never can tell when it will befall you that is why it is important to insure your car now.