Texas State Low Cost Insurance – Low Cost Insurance Companies in Texas State

Texas State Low Cost Insurance

Find Texas state low cost insurance companies that offer wide range of insurance products and services to its clients. Texas is a populated state and it is a zone for natural disasters. Oftentimes, the dwellers suffer from hurricanes, and volcanoes and these incidents affect everything in the state including the insurance rate that they pay. Not just auto insurance but also insurance for homes and other properties.

Although this is so, there are insurance companies that offer low cost insurance services including low cost auto insurance rates in the state compared to others. This article is focused on those insurance companies as well as details on the average auto insurance in Texas state.

Texas State Low Cost Insurance

How Much Is Auto Insurance in Texas?

In Texas, the full coverage option for auto insurance is about $1,823 per year and it is higher than the state average rate. For minimum liability auto insurance in Texas state, the average rate is $524 per year and it is a bit lower than the state average which is $565.

Insurance companies set their average rates following the state average although some companies’ rates are a bit higher. But you must understand that these rates aren’t the cheapest insurance rates in Texas state. Some companies offer a cheaper rate to drivers with clean records or older drivers.

In general, before a quote is given to you as a customer, there are factors that they consider and these factors include age, gender, car brand or model location, etc.

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How Much is it for Cheap Liability Insurance in Texas State?

In Texas State, the minimum liability insurance average is about $44 per month and it includes only a few policies such as bodily injury/ death liability as well as property damage liability.

Although this looks palatable, insurance companies’ agents make customers understand the risk involved in purchasing such coverage.

The problem with this kind of coverage is that it does not cover a lot of things and this might bring financial stress your way if you encounter incidents that require more than what minimum liability coverage can offer.

For instance, if you clash with other drivers or more than one driver and after investigation, you are declared guilty, your minimum liability coverage will cover the injury of other drivers to some extent and you will be left to fund your treatment and other expenses.


What is the Basic Requirement for Auto Insurance in Texas State?

Texas state government has rules and regulations guiding auto insurance and this rule state that every driver in the state must at least have the minimum liability insurance. This coverage option covers:

$30,000 for death or injury of one individual,

$30,000 for death or all bodily injury claim reported,

$30,000 for property damage.

It also includes personal injury protection as well as uninsured motorist protection but these policies are optional and can be rejected.

According to the Texas State auto insurance law, what will be done to defaults?

In Texas state, drivers caught without insurance as demanded by the government are penalized. They are often charged up to $350 and also, court costs plus fees for first-time offenders. If a driver is caught more than once, his/her driving license might be seized and driving privileges seized for about 2 years.

The offender might be asked to maintain SR- 22 insurance for 2 more than or more and this SR-22 is very expensive.


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas

The full coverage insurance plan is the best to go for as it covers a whole lot of things to the benefit of the driver. Unlike minimum liability insurance, it covers both on-road and off-road accidents/claims.

This is why most drivers go beyond the state insurance requirement to purchase full-coverage auto insurance policies. This policy is more expensive than the minimum liability coverage.

The list of insurance companies with the cheapest rate below was selected based on average comprehensive and collision rates. They are:

1. Farmers Insurance Company

This company’s auto insurance rate is about $840 per year. This is very much below the state and even the national average.

2. State Farm Insurance Company

The average rate for this company is about $945 per year. State Farm’s rate is cheaper compared to other insurance companies in Texas such as Allstate.

USSA offers rates cheaper than State Farm but they do not offer services to civilians. They only attend to military personnel both retired and working officers.

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Young Drivers (Teens/young adults)

Younger drivers are seen as high-risk customers and as such, their rates are higher than others. They are considered high risk because of their inexperience and carefree nature.

In Texas state, there are insurance companies that offer low-cost insurance policies to these young drivers between the age of 16 to 25. These insurance companies include:

1. State Farm


A more experienced young driver might be charged about $1,797 per year in State Farm but the average rate these companies offer to young drivers can not be totally stated. This is because to determine the cost, there are other factors that must be checked properly.

So, to get the main quote for younger drivers in these insurance companies, kindly locate their agents.


Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas for Seniors Citizens

Another Texas state low cost insurance is car insurance for senior citizens. In Texas state, senior drivers are considered those that are advanced in age. Most insurance companies consider those between the age of 50 to 65 as senior drivers and their rates are higher than those in lower age brackets such as 49 down to 25.

The average auto insurance rate for senior drivers in most companies is $858 and in some, $3,623 per year. The cheapest car insurance companies in Texas that offer lower rates for full coverage to senior citizens are:

1. Farmers: They offer insurance rates as low as $853 per year.

2. State Farm: State Farm offers a bit higher than Farmers. Their rate is $911 per year.


Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Texas State

Drivers with violations pay higher not just in Texas state but all over the country because they are high-risk customers. The cheapest car insurance companies that offer lower rate car insurance to drivers with violations such as DUI include:

1. Esurance Insurance Company

This insurance company might not be as popular as Farmers and State Farm but they offer a lower rate to DUI drivers. For full coverage, they offer about $1,175 per year.

2. Farmers is second on the list

They offer a cheaper rate to DUI drivers. For full coverage, their average rate is about $1,234 per year.

As stated earlier, State Farm is the cheapest insurance company after Farmers for full coverage for drivers with a clean record but when it comes to DUI drivers, Esurance insurance company offers lower rates than State Farm.